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With years of experience in Detailing, Repairing and Customizing car models to match each happy client's expectations, we gained thousands of loyal customers.

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At EXO Exclusive Auto Care, We care about how your vehicle acts and looks, and so we pick only the best products and methods to keep it shining with power.
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Despite how remarkably clean your car would look after every polishing and detailing process. This service also helps prepare the surface for waxing and sealing, which helps get rid of any windshield scratches and remove contaminants from chrome surfaces. By masking the imperfections of your vehicle, you get to enjoy it as a new one every single day! Drive with luxury and perfection in the UAE; get on top of a line shine with the EXO team!

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Our PPF service includes helping you wrap your car with the highest quality product and modern methods to ensure the result is satisfying. We use a thin layer of flexible material to protect your vehicle’s appearance from the road debris and flying rocks and help you have a luxurious presence on every road. As a detailed process, we take the time needed to perform it with a team of high-experienced and skillful people. For our team, it’s all about your car looking new every single day.

Ceramic Coating

Protect your car’s exterior from external paint damage with our ceramic coating service. This service is applied by hand using high-quality ceramic as a chemical polymer solution that helps you take great care of your car’s appearance in the long term. Your vehicle is fully protected with many advantages that you would appreciate, like deep gloss, resistance to stains or scratches, or even temperature regulation protection. With our methods and services, nothing can damage your vehicle.

Windows Tinting

Darkening your vehicle’s windows is the process of applying laminate films to each required window. It makes them less absorbing to UV rays and heat and presents the riders with their privacy on the road. We perform this service by applying adhesive solar sheets without the need to remove the windows in the process. With such a level of protection, you have nothing to worry about on the road. You’ll get to enjoy your ride to the fullest.

Peelable Painting (Rubber DIP)

The EXO team highly recommends renewing the shade of your vehicle and protecting its original shade. As a modern technology, it helps you remove the new paint like a vinyl wrap without giving it the look of one. As natural and superb as it looks, you can have a new car with every shade you can imagine. We add our professional touch to finish each peelable painting process with perfectionism within each surface.

RIMS Restoration

Getting an excellent rim repair in the UAE is the easiest with EXO. Depending on the kind of damage your car’s wheels have, we use different methods to present a significant impact on your protection plan. Our expert team helps you turn your damaged wheels into a near new condition that costs less than buying new ones every now and then. With our high-tech methods and great experience, you can rely on us.

Experience & Talent

Our team is collected from the best around the UAE, with years of experience, to enhance how each service is performed.We aim to deliver only the best for each customer.

Full Integrity

As an innovative car care studio, we take our services, methods, and results to the next level. Our goal is to ensure that the results we provide are excellent.

Quick & Professional

Even though we deliver our services fast, we pay attention to the details within each step to provide the best possible results.